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So what are preserved flowers???

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Preserved flowers are REAL FLOWERS, preserved when they are in peak condition for you to enjoy for years to come. Imagine sending someone a gift of flowers that last that long!

These special blooms are preserved in a non toxic solution, they require no water. This makes them so versatile and easy to use! You can now have the look of fresh flowers absolutely anywhere without having to worry about them dying. Think wall installations, mirror adornments, the list is endless! Because they are so easy to care for, they make a wonderful hospital gift and are wonderful for wedding bouquets.

Preserved flowers such as Carnations, Roses and Hydrangea are now available all year round in almost any colour you could imagine. Mixed with dried flowers they add a touch of fresh vibrant colour that lifts the whole arrangement.

Although preserved flowers have been around for a while, they are very new to New Zealand. In fact, we were the first company to begin importing preserved flowers. We now offer them to you in bouquets, arrangements and installations or by the bunch/stem for those that love to DIY.

To ensure your preserved blooms last as long as possible, keep them out of direct sunlight and the direct line of heat pumps or fans and do not place them in damp spaces.

If you have any questions about our Forever Florals or would like to order a custom piece, get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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